Kaiten in english

Kaiten is a small aikido club located in north site of Helsinki suburb. Club is founded 1993. At the moment main teacher of Kaiten is Erkki Ylimäki (aikido 4.dan, Iaido 2.dan). We have 25 active aikido trainers and very nice feeling and good atmosphere.
Kaiten is member of Finnish aikido federation. We like to train aikido as open minded as possible. Our main influences come from Endo- sensei.
During the year 2008 kaiten started to offer Iaido classes. We practice Iaido twice a week, on thursdays and on sundays. Kaiten is also member of Finnish Kendo Association.

Contact info:

e-mail: aikidoseura.kaiten@gmail.com

Erkki Ylimäki (4.Dan, Iaido 2.Dan) chairman, 050-5504406

Marko Tarvonen (3.kyu) secretary, 050-3360202